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The JuRadChem has compiled a database of companies willing to host internships for students interested in the field of Radiochemistry. Feel free to use this for finding your personal entry into our exciting field. If you have any questions regarding the database or the companies just send message to our current chair, or the company directly. We are looking forward to welcoming you into our community!



We are a Musterstadt based company focused on the production radioisotopes for the medical and industrial applications. ...

Bitte beschreiben Sie Ihre Firma kurz in unter 200 Wörtern. Wonach suchen Sie in potenziellen Praktikanten mit chemischen Background? Was können Praktikanten bei Ihnen lernen?

Location: Musterstadt

Keywords: Radiopharmaceuticals; PET-Tracers; Targed Alpha Therapy 




The JuRadChem only publishes information that comes directly from the respective companies. The JuRadChem is not responsible for its accuracy or up-to-dateness. Companies can change or remove their own entries at any time.The processing of these modifications will be finished within a period of 15 working days.